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Deals offer a rare opportunity to achieve rapid growth, improve capabilities, and bring about transformative change. No matter what your objectives are, SRCO's deals team provides you with essential advice and insights at every stage of the transaction.

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Our integrated deals services

  • Buy and Sell-Side Due Diligence: Financial due diligence is pivotal to a successful transaction when buying or selling a business. At SRCO, our team of experts analyzes the financial impact of economic, commercial, strategic and IT risks affecting the deal.
    In an acquisition, we offer diligence reporting to ensure a thorough assessment of the target entity's financial performance and investment value.
    In a divestiture, our reporting offers a compelling narrative to potential buyers and a clear view of the business's financial health and growth prospects.

  • M&A Accounting Advisory: Acquisitions and divestitures involve complex accounting procedures. SRCO's accounting and financial reporting experts will guide you through the process, ensuring compliance and adapting to changes in reporting requirements.

  • Business Valuation Support: Valuation is a crucial factor in any transaction. SRCO's specialists will assist in determining the real value range and assess proposed investments using financial modelling and valuation methodologies.

  • Contracts and Closing Support: We offer guidance throughout the transaction, including the closing process with our transaction document assessment.

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